Reaching your goals isn't hard when you take it step by step.

Make 2019 your year. When it's come to health and fitness I've had many ups and downs. It took time, but I figured it out

Goals. Accountability. Meal Planning.
It’s with those three factors that I created The Healthy Grail. The Healthy Grail is a health and fitness planner that’s customizable to suit your needs. 



get organized

No more dinner time disasters! Plan your meals ahead of time, write them down, and use the shopping list in the included meal planner!

create healthy habits

With the daily habit tracker, you'll have a constant reminder to create and stick with your new habits to help you reach your goals.

achieve your goals

Follow your customized health planner, write in it every day, and you'll be crossing the goals off your list in no time.




Every lifestyle & diet
 The daily food log has a calorie tracker, macro tracker, and colored container tracker. Plus it has a notes section, a water and sleep tracker

Form new habits
You can't reach your goals without forming a new habit. Included in The Healthy Grail is the Habit Tracker. Write down what you want to achieve and keep yourself accountable throughout the week

Workout logs
Track everything from your time, distance, steps, reps and weight, and even how many calories you've burned. In addition to can journal about your workout and what you could do to improve.

Sample a page

Enter your name and email and receive a sample of one of the printables you'll receive!

"There's everything I need to stay on track all in one simple and easy to use book."

Kelsey. H

"I am so happy that I got this. It has helped me track all my progress. Seeing daily progress even if it's 1/4 inch loss or .02 of a lb makes a huge difference in keeping me motivated. Being able to track this has been something I have needed forever. Having it on paper is even better. Thank you so much for changing my fitness journey for the better. Best purchase I've made in a long time."

Jen. G

Randa Derkson, Creator

I created The Healthy Grail because I know first hand the rollercoaster of health and fitness. Instead of focusing on weight, I needed to distract myself with health goals, non scale victories, and progress in other areas of my fitness. I love meal planning, it keeps me accountable, but I also wanted to make goal setting a big part of the planner because it feels so darn good to cross them off when I achieve them.


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